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    Tubes – Non Standard Lengths & sizes



    Lightweight solvent tubes.

    Important note: 

    Be aware that some of the Bore ID sizes are different than our standard tubes.
    For example standard tubes in 1.5″ OD: 20tpi -> 1.36″ bore  &  24tpi -> 1.375″ bore
    Not all of these fallow that pattern. Just be aware for ordering the correct matching spacers and dividers.

    ASR Tubes are threaded on one end to accept the ASR Bravo, Keymo for omega, Griffin plan A, Q plan B, & YHM 1.375″ x 24tpi adapters. The other end is threaded for SPC caps.

    All Tubes made from USA sourced Grade 9 Titanium.

    >Finish options available under Services<




    1.5OD x 1.375ID x 5.5 (20tpi), 1.5OD x 1.375ID x 9.0" (24tpi one end, ASR other)

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