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    Ti Tubes – Standard Lengths


    Some tubes still available for back-order


    These tubes are threaded for SPC caps and adapters. They will not fit the ASR bravo (1.375-24) directly. 1.5″ OD ASR Tubes can be found here –>> ASR TUBES

    The 1.625″ OD and 1.75″ OD tubes can be adapted to ASR Bravo with one of our ASR adapters: ASR ADAPTERS

    For solvent capture and other storage applications.

    All Tubes made from USA sourced Grade 9 Titanium.

    >Finish options available under Services<

    Weight 1496.854821 oz

    'B' 1.25OD x 1.15ID x 6.0, 'B' 1.25OD x 1.15ID x 7.0, 1.375OD x 1.259ID x 6.0, 1.375OD x 1.259ID x 7.0, 1.5OD x 1.360ID x 5.5 (20tpi), 1.5OD x 1.360ID x 6.5 (20tpi), 1.5OD x 1.360ID x 7.5 (20tpi), 1.5OD x 1.360ID x 8.5 (20tpi), 1.5OD x 1.375ID x 5.5 (24tpi), 1.5OD x 1.375ID x 6.5 (24tpi), 1.5OD x 1.375ID x 7.0 (24tpi), 1.5OD x 1.375ID x 7.5 (24tpi), 1.5OD x 1.375ID x 8.5 (24tpi), 1.5OD x 1.375ID x 9.0 (24tpi), 1.625OD x 1.502ID x 5.5, 1.625OD x 1.502ID x 5.8, 1.625OD x 1.502ID x 6.5, 1.625OD x 1.502ID x 7.5, 1.625OD x 1.502ID x 8.5, 1.625OD x 1.502ID x 9.0, 1.625OD x 1.502ID x 10.0, 1.625OD x 1.502ID x 12.0, 1.75OD x 1.643ID x 5.0, 1.75OD x 1.643ID x 6.0, 1.75OD x 1.643ID x 7.0, 1.75OD x 1.643ID x 8.0, 1.75OD x 1.643ID x 9.0, 1.75OD x 1.643ID x 10.0, 1.75OD x 1.643ID x 12.0

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