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    Taper Adapter – Griffin



    Light weight Taper Thread Adapter
    -Wrench Flats (non-pro only)
    -Compatible with Draco & SPC wrench for easy on/off
    -Grade 5 Titanium
    -Made in the USA

    (SPC wrench sold separately)

    >Finish options available under Services<

    Weight 22.679619 oz

    TA-B (for 'B' tube), TA-13 (for 1.375OD Tube) (NOT for ASR bravo), TA-1520 (for 1.5OD 20tpi ('D')), TA-1524 (for 1.5OD 24tpi), TA-16 (for 1.625OD tube), TA-16-PRO (for 1.625OD tube), TA-17-PRO (for 1.75OD tube with 24tpi), TA-ASR (for ASR Bravo) (1.375"-24tpi thread)

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