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    Spacer Material – DIY


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    4″ or 6″ long Light weight Titanium spacer material.

    Links to Tools for cutting tube:

    RIDGID 31632 Model 151 Quick-Acting Tubing Cutter, 1/4-inch to 1-7/8-inch Tube Cutter

    *Support the inside of the tube with a socket wrapped in masking tape

    Weight 14.174762 oz

    1.125" spacer (for B tube with 1.15" ID), 1.254" spacer (For 1.375" OD tube with 1.259" ID), 1.355" spacer (For 1.5" OD tube with 1.36" ID) (D size), 1.372" spacer (For 1.5" OD Tubes with 1.375" ID), 1.497" spacer (For 1.625" OD tube with 1.502" ID), 1.639" spacer (For 1.75" OD tube with 1.643" ID)


    4", 6"

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