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Aluminum Tubes – Standard Lengths


I have four (4) that are 5″ long made out of 2023-T3 as this particular grade of aluminum tubing is no longer available to me.  I can make any length up to 10″ long out of either 6061-T6 or 7075-T6.

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Lightweight solvent tubes.

1.375″ OD (large volume 1.375″ / B tube)

-Threaded for FC-13 on one end and B size on the other end (for Booster / tri-lug) (Gemtech, Liberty, SDTA)

-1.259″ ID for S-13 spacers and SD-13 dividers

-0.5″ step on the booster end

All Tubes made from USA sourced 2024-T3 Aluminum.

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1.375OD x 1.259ID x 5.0", 1.375OD x 1.259ID x 6.0", 1.375OD x 1.259ID x 7.0", 1.375OD x 1.259ID x 8.0", 1.375OD x 1.259ID x 9.0", 1.375OD x 1.259ID x 10.0"